He was deceived


He was deceived

By Paddy Anyatonwu

Amauwa got admission to read Law at one of the Eastern Universities.
There was joy in the air.
The parents were blissful.
His friends were ecstatic.
One year after, he came to the realization that his admission was fake.
He was disgraced.
His friends deserted him.
He cried and cried.
He lost weight.
Out of shame, he avoided many.
He was the talk of the town.
In his melancholic situation, he met an adept.
He relayed his experiences to the Sage.
After 2 hours of undiluted attention, the Sage asked him, “Boy, what do you want to do now”?
Amauwa, gazed into an open space and said nothing.
The Sage waited for sometime, but no response came.
Mustering a fledging energy, the lad said, “Master, i am confused.
I feel like killing myself. I have become the subject of mockery in and out of town. I am finished”.
Amauwa, the Sage continued, “You’re correct. The past does not exist anymore. Let’s face tomorrow. Go and acquire a skill and wait. Take another Jamb, but it must be in the same University. By doing this, you’ve regained yourself. Please, take my advice”.
Amauwa, took the advice and learned shoemaking and he became good at it.
He makes an average of N60/70k monthly.
The good news is that the same university has offered him an admission to study English.
He is once again happy.
If you ask me, he will go places.
It profiteth to listen.

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