Just came back to the land of the living


Just came back to the land of the living

By Paddy Anyatonwu

Last night, I drifted into a trance.
I was taken to a Cave built with snow.
The entire environment was peaceful and cool.
But, I am yet to call to mind how I found myself in that Cave.
Fear grabbed me.
Despite the cool and chilled atmosphere, I was sweating like a Christmas goat.
Moments later, the cave quaked.
Sounds of all kinds permeated the arena.
Rainbow appeared.
On sighting the seven colours, I lost consciousness, but my spirit hovers assuring me that I am safe.
Suddenly, the snow wall started melting away and further exacerbated the already cold cave.
But, I noticed that despite the dissolution, I never saw any fluid.
I wanted to shout, but my voice was gone.
It started raining accompanied by a whirlwind.
The wind was fierce.
The trees danced, grasses became carpets while a white smoke rented the air.
Boom!, four men entered the cave all dressed in white robes.

  1. Jaja Nwachukwu.
  2. Ubani Ukoma.
  3. George Nwigwe
  4. Dr. Amalaha.

Their faces were expressionless.
They gazed at me jaundicely
Their four paired of eyes pierced holes on my body, but it was not painful.
Then, they ran a circle around me and each touched my forehead.
Each touch transferred energy.
Jaja said, little Paddy, your time has not come, go home.
As I left the Cave, I saw Dr. Gershon Amuta and Elder John Nwangborogwu having heart to heart discussion .
I related my experiences to them.
The duo took me to a junction, asked me to sit on the ground, prayed for me and touched my forehead as well.
Suddenly, I opened my eyes, my bedsheet was soaked with sweat.
For three hours, I lay still.
I am now heading to my Spiritual Master to seek explanations
I will revert when I am back.

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