‘What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man’ from the reviewers’ angle.


‘What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man’ from the reviewers’ angle.

This book, short and precise is written in a language as easily readable as anyone can write it.
Dr. Max Nduaguibe.

Success is not all about hard work; it is a mindset! The ability to succeed begins with creating the tomorrow of your dreams as a mental picture. This book, ‘What a Billionaire told a Poor Man’, exposes the mind to life principles that bring forth success. It is a must read for all success-oriented minds and even those who think they are already successful.
Lilian Lilian Okpara Njoku, Employer of Labour.

Patrick C. Anyatonwu uses a simple but captivating story-line; to illustrate that one sees fairer when standing on the shoulders of another who has gone higher. I recommend ‘What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man’ to every ‘John’ in a diligent search for a Billionaire!
Charles Chidiebere Ani, Social Commentator

This book from the stable of Patrick Anyatonwu ought to have come earlier. Written in a free flowing English, addresses the minds of many grappling with the onerous task of the next move that will provide them with bread and butter
Favour Abeke, Entrepreneur.

A must read for aspiring billionaires and entrepreneurs.
Ben Alaegbu, COO of BAE Turfs & Greens Nigeria – (Landscape Professionals)

My Boss, Patrick Anyatonwu has done it again. I was thinking that Man and Money was the best that will come from him but, I erred. This is terrific. Many will definitely benefit from reading this book.
Immaculata Udeozor, Financial Controller,
Forefathers Leasing Limited

I have been a big fan of Patrick Anyatonwu’s work for years. I was opportune to be one of the first to read ‘What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man’, and to be honest, Patrick has managed to deliver something better, something interactive and something different. Most financial books often come as a set of instructions, but, ‘What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man’ came in the form of a story and parables. I journeyed with this book and as I alighted, my financial skills and maturated. If you need a book on financial etiquette, I will strongly recommend that you read and keep a copy in your library.
Alimi Taiwo H. – A Digital Marketer.
CEO Alim Agency.

The gap between the rich and poor is becoming wider, with the middle class almost going into extinction. Hence, we need practical guidelines on how to close the ever widening gap. This book, ‘What the Billionaire Told a Poor Man’ is a perfect material for such a time. Patrick Anyatonwu presents simple, practical but concise steps on how to break out of the lower quadrant of life. I personally recommend this for everyone who wants a better financial future
Janet Mbakwe, Entrepreneur.

Patrick Anyatonwu is indeed a genius when it comes to matters relating to financial intelligence. In this concise and worthwhile book, he has explained in its simplest form, what qualities one should possess in order to attain success in life.
Ani Michael-Entertainment Expert (Mo’Ani).

What a masterpiece of a book whose author’s humility is exemplified in the simplicity of the diction. No doubt, the articulated words of the Billionaire will jolt many ‘Johns’ of our society into economic freedom. Bravo, Patrick Anyatonwu. Another great work
Ononeze Ogadimma, Lecturer
Alvan Ikeoku, College of Education

I wonder why Patrick Anyatonwu did not come up with this book early enough. I just wanted to glance at a few pages, but ended up going to work late. This book, ‘What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man’ is the missing key to move to the next level. I recommend this terrific book to young school leavers.
Precious Nnenna Kalu, Customer Service Expert.

In this work, René Descartes’ philosophical position, “cogito, ergo sum (Je pense, donc je suis/I think, therefore I am), finds resonance in Mahatma Ghandi’s stance that man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. Hence, the capability and capacity of both success and failure lie in his hand. In this book, ‘What a Billionaire Told a Poor Man, Patrick Anyatonwu robbed the principles of success even for the blind to feel.
Rev. Fr. Augustine Nwagbara.

This book charts the path towards a successful life and business. You would find it useful.
Lemmy Ughegbe, Journalist, Public Speaker & Mindset Trainer

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