I held my breath as he gently kissed my lips
holding me firmly in his warm sweetest caress

Melting in his arms as i let out my breath
and heart bursting out with love and happiness

With closed eyes, he kissed my tender lips again. He had now lit my eternal flame

My moist lips sweet with wine tantalized his tongue. I felt so alive with him.

He picked me up in his arms and carried me upstairs. Singing sweet melody to my ears.

I didn’t resist him as he lay me down on his bed
I had the same thoughts running through my head

His hands gently explored my hidden treasures
that was about to give him the deepest of pleasures

He couldn’t wait for me to remove my clothes
I lay there naked and my treasures exposed

His mind drunk from his thoughts of my bare skin
sending him wild the moment he entered within

I totally embraced all of him inside me this night
feeding off each other with pure sheer delight

He took me to the moon and stars and back again
bringing me back down slowly whispering my name and naughty sweet words.

Holding me close i fell asleep in his warm embrace.

Thanks my Darling for bringing out the woman in me.

Okoro Amaka Hope.

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