Be contented


You control the biggest markets in Africa.

“Alaba and Aspamda. Aba, Onitsha, and Nnewi.

You own commerce on the African West Coast.

You own a sizable chunk of Lagos’ prized real estate

You dominate Abuja’s coveted property market.

You own lush estates in Kano

In every state in the federation, outside your home territory, you are only second to the locals in influence.

Social injustices and poverty in Nigeria might have retarded you, but your are years ahead of most of the other ethnic groups.

You have skilled manpower. You have cash.

Let me concede that Nigeria is badly run

But you have the most developed villages

And perhaps, the highest per capita income in the badly run system.

You were neglected, but you have prospered

You have one of the best literacy levels in Africa

You are the only group in Nigeria that has more wealth in other parts of Nigeria than home territory.

You are more entrenched in Nigeria than anyone else

You have arguably the most enterprising diaspora population of any ethnic group in the entire continent

Yet you are the most aggrieved

You have by your industry laid yourself like mat over the space called Nigeria.

Yet it’s you who craves self determination.

Take a look at your civil war scars.

Those who own the oil and live more wretchedly do not seek war half as much as you want it.

You are gifted but contain your sense exceptionalism.

The conditions that necessitated Biafra existed in 1966. They do not exist today.

Biafra is not a toy. It won’t be a paradise.

Do not allow loudmouthed peripatetic quack medicine dealers sell you expired cancer drugs for your headache.

A wise hen with many chicks dreads the whirlwind.

But you are here championing confusion.

You used to be shrewd.”

By Ugo Egbujo

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