Dear God, I want to be rich


Dear God, I want to be rich

But in all, I want to be able to still respect the young and the old even after helping them.

May I not make them feel that their dignity and the respect they truly deserve can be bought.

May I not help the poor today and make them feel poor the next day or minute.

May I not watch them call me and not answer.

May I not take away the same smile that I had given them in a twinkle of an eye.

I want to look at them and still show them same respect and love that I show my rich friends.

Above all, I want to still be able to see True love in their eyes for me and recognize it without making them feel stupid and Undeserving.

That love that comes truly from their heart with no conditions attached to it.

May I not detach from them without knowing how much love they have for me.

And may my actions never make them give up on themselves.

Let me be used to retain Beautiful smiles on their faces everyday of my life.

When I say I’d be there for them, help me Lord, to be there where they’d see me and not doubt my presence.

I want to be the reason someone isn’t giving up.

I want to be a source of positive energy to someone out there.

May I not treat people poorly like a few persons have treated me out here.

Because to be honest, not everyone can stand the heat.

This I’m asking you with tears in my eyes.

Let the resurrection of your son today be a reminder of this prayer.

Let his blood wash away our tears and Grant us our heart desires.

Amen 🙏

Marapeace Austine

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