I am do scared


You know, there are times I just want to leave everything and run away.

This is one of those periods. I’ve never felt this tired and scared.

I’ve always set my eyes on the ball, I’m trying to see the bigger picture but currently, my sight is becoming hazy.

I’m so scared.

The fear of failure has always been my challenge. This shackle of fear comes unannounced and gnarly.

Like a knife slowly twisted in my guts.

A constant harmer on my head.

I know it’s part of being human,

I under it’s the precursor to bravery.

I believe I need it to wake me up to what needs to be done and often times,I try to order my brain to function, to demand solutions instead of this crazy-making circling anxiety.

So though it feels as if my bones have no more strength and my muscles are all out of power, I still have the option to remain still, to be quiet enough to choose how to fight.

But now,

Right now..

I feel the fight going out of me.

What to do?


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