In my family, I’m the THIEF


In my family, I’m the THIEF

Back then in school, I’d come back home to steal new stuff.

I’d steal new bras and wear at least, 3 at once just so I won’t be caught.

Ah! Thank God for small boobs.

Everything has an advantage.

I had smart ways of hiding stolen properties.

In my garri, my rice, everywhere.. just hide them safely till I leave the house…

I remember Naz looking for her new panties and Bra and I even helped her to look for them everywhere.

My mum and siblings searched my bags since I was going back to school.

Brethren, I let them have my bags.

I wasn’t scared one bit.

But I was already thinking of how to punish my brother for even coming up with that idea.

After searching my bag, Mum was like, “Hmm.. This is strange. If Amara didn’t steal these panties and Bra, then this is really strange. Blood of Jesus. I cover my children with the blood of Jesus Christ.”

But, I was wearing all the 5 panties and 2 bra.

I looked at my brother and went inside the room. Everyone followed me.

“Amara start going! We don’t want to look for anything o.” They kept shouting.

I had a plan.

Ah! Brother of mine, I needed to show him who I really am.

I went to the backyard and saw his Beautiful T-shirt. It was a bit wet.

What was I supposed to do? I folded it till it was small Enough to enter inside an empty pad pack.

They all thought it was a pack of pad.

I got to my school and called mum.


“Woman jiri nwayo na efe obara Jesus. Don’t pray against anybody mum. Pray for me. I’ll change.”


Such a smart thief.

Last year, Baby sister came home and hid this my gladiator sandals in her bag while preparing to leave..

I went to steal something in her bag and behold! My beautiful sandals crying for help!

Come on, Baby Sis.. You need to learn how these things work from a professional.

Like, where did you borrow such audacity from? To steal from a smart thief?

Taahhh.. You’re still learning.

Baby sis… “So what did you come to take from my bag?”

Me…”My Friend, Bring out my sandals and stop asking me silly questions!

Marapeace Austine

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