It is a sorry tale


It is a sorry tale

The trajectory of a potent curse.

UCH was one of the best in the world.

It was a center of medical tourism.

Then the curse began

Our leaders began an adulterous love affair with foreign hospitals

Our hospitals were left to stagnate and then rot.

Just like NEPA, Nigerian Airways, The Refineries and everything else.

Let me cut the long story short.

Abacha sneaked out to foreign lands for medical treatment. He thought we didnt know.

I don’t know how Obasanjo did his. But he traveled so often that at some point we didn’t know when he was in and when he was out until Atiku tried to do a Brutus on him.

But we know his wife Stella died in a foreign hospital in Spain.

Yaradua’s case is explicit. Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Jonathan seemed strong and healthy, but there was no doubt he received medical treatment abroad. Once, his wife was so ill she thought she would die. She had many surgeries in one week in Germany. It had seemed so hopeless her aides shared some of her belongings.

Then Buhari.

He had promised to arrest medical tourism. And we believed. As far back as 1984 he had cried that our hospitals had become mere consulting clinics.
But rather than handcuff medical tourism , medical tourism has pocketed Buhari. Some justify President Buhari’s addiction for London hospitals saying he had been using them for ages. Nothing can be more ridiculous. Buhari, a local Daura man.

How can a nation that built a five star hospital 60 years ago not have one hospital that can treat its leaders?

Buhari and his aides have had 6 years to save themselves from this embarrassment.

But it appears shamelessness has stepped in.

And that’s a bigger problem.

Buhari was supposed to be different from the others.

But Buhari now uses foreign hospitals so brazenly, as if we denied him use of local hospitals, as if we locked him out of them.

No apologies. No compunction. Nothing !

Sometimes I sit and wonder about the consciences of our leaders.

Ugo Egbujo

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