The first photo is who I am


The first photo is who I am.

The second photo has the image of me that you see in the streets after the first photo has given me the little money to take care of myself.

I’m a farmer. A proud one.

I grow my own food. I’m a goddess.

One of the photos I like the most are the ones I take when I’m dirty and working so hard in the farm.

Because, that’s where my money comes.

Because when I step out of the house, looking beautiful like I am in the second photo, my Introduction is never complete without me telling the crowd what I do for a living.

Because amongst every other thing that I wish to do/ am doing in my life, Farming is my Cash Cow.

Aside the money I extort from my adopted uncles and friends that I’m stronger than, this is where I get every dime for now.

To me, I value the first photo more.

Naz and I went on a date the other day. And on our way coming back, these four guys were complimenting us. We didn’t hear them because we were talking with the cab man.

Then one of the guys said, “Chai Fine girls! Answer us nah. Is it because we are dirty?”

That got me feeling ‘Emosh’

So I had to encourage them.

Me….”Dirty? Bros, when you see us at work, we are always the dirtiest. Do you know what we do? We are farmers. Be proud of yourself. It’s better than stealing.”

When I’m in the farm, I’m thinking money. I have a thousand ideas running through my mind. I’m thinking more than a man. I’m working hard like a man.

And when I step out on heels, with a little make up and mini gown, I feel pretty, I feel confident, I feel a sense of class.

I give all the credit to the woman in the first photo.

Then, I begin to appreciate the men who work tirelessly out there to make sure their wives are well taken care of.

It’s never easy.

But don’t give up.

Appreciate that job that flows a little cash into your account.

Appreciate that job that defines you as a person.

Appreciate that job that brings out the best in you.

PS: For those asking why I’m not Sharing photos from my farm again. Sorry, My phone camera got damaged. For now, I won’t be Sharing photos from my farm again till I replace my phone.

But! We are working and also planning on having a seminar very soon.

Marapeace Austine

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