Vendor Abuse


Vendor Abuse

Both Physical, verbal, psychological abuse to vendors is unfair.

Vendors are human too.

You don’t heighten the hopes of vendors and dash it just like that without warning. As much as such can be seen in business, it doesn’t make it cool and could make that vendor loose trust in you.

Last December, someone made an order for cartons of fish and chicken. When that order came, I informed the person how I operate. PAYMENT VALIDATES ORDER.

This means that I can dry fish for a customer only when they pay due to the fact that I don’t dry fish and keep. This is to ensure that my customers get fresh from the oven Dry Catfish.

This person was able to persuade me to do the drying for her. And I did just that.

When I notified her that her order was ready, she didn’t pay. I had to ring her severally but at the end of the week, no payment was made.

And no apology was given.

She didn’t even called to cancel the order.

Fortunately for me, I had lots of orders and another customer had to pay for the cartons of fish.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t sell the chicken. It went bad.

I took it in stride.

Last weekend, this same person made another order for same fish and chicken with a promise to pay today.

I went ahead kwa to dry the fish for her with no payment yet but decided to put a hold to drying chicken till she pays. Chicken unlike fish doesn’t take time in drying.

Guess what happened!

When she called and I told her the fish is already in the oven and will be ready for delivery tomorrow but won’t dry the chicken yet till she pays, she flared up.

She had told me she was gonna pay this morning and even called me to notify me that she will pay. According to her, in 2 minutes time from when she called. Yet, 4 hours later, no payment was made.

I wondered why she got angry considering the fact that all she had to do was to make the transfer as promised and I’ll have the chicken prepared and delivered alongside the fish tomorrow as agreed.

You see,

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone is not learning from a previous experience.

Once bitten is twice shy.

Twice bitten is foolishness.

It will be foolishness to dry the chicken for her without payment. What if she doesn’t pay up like she did the last time?

Anyways, at the end of the day, no payment was made.

Y’all can agree with me that this is an inappropriate way to treat a vendor.

Customers are always right but this particular customer is far from right.

I’m a person who believes in doing the right thing. I believe in living up to what I promised. This builds trust and make people vouch for you.

All the same, it’s well.

In all your dealings, understand that vendors are human too.


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