Go Home, Jesus Has Risen


Go Home, Jesus Has Risen

It is obvious that our nation has drifted to a theatre of lawlessness. Things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold. The leaders can no longer lead and the led cannot follow again.

Would any body blame the gunmen who, in their showmanship, undid certain correctional centre and police headquarters in Owerri, this morning? Anarchy is not only looming but expressive already; a proximal consequence of bad leadership.

Inability of the ruling class to tackle the problems of this nation from the root will always get us befuddled as to the way forward.

This morning, my bladder of imagination got intumesced with an air of uncertainty on reading the liberation words of the Imo gunmen to the freed prisoners. “Go home, Jesus Christ is risen from the dead”. Find sense in every nonesense.

Both the devil and angels are fed up and tired of the evil machinations of our rulers. In the minds of these gunmen, I believe, evil can not fight evil.

Bad government is the greatest hunter of peace and security in this country. If we have standard in the National Hospital, Abuja, President Buhari would not be in London seeking medical attention.

If our leaders are sincere and committed to welfare of the masses, it will not take nine months to set up a hospital similar or even better to the one visited in London by the President.

How long are we going to continue to deceive and subject the people to untold hardship and expect them to keep quiet? Who beats a child and expects him not to cry? If takes this worrisome criminality of hoodlums to quench the criminality of the ruling class, so be it. Evil is evil in any clime.

There is no smoke without fire. We may think that these gun runners are natural robbers. Fat fallacy of conception. These may be the true nationalists with genuine public good in their interest. The guerilla nature of their warfare tells you that they are out on a mission; a mission to vent the anger of the people against backwardness, greed, corruption, marginalisation, bad leadership and develish occupation of public offices.

What prevails at the time is the beginning of what may degenerate to mass revolt which may prove difficult to handle. Look at the faces of people around you. How many of them are smiling? Those of them smiling, how deep and genuine is their smile? Some of us are suffering and smiling for an expectation of never-would-come favour from those who have held us down.

Look at where the Imo gunmen took off from; the round about in front of Government House. They danced and sang solidarity songs for over thirty minutes before heading to unleash mayhem on the facilities.

Where were the security agencies for an unslaught that lasted two and a half hours? Was the government of Imo State not alerted? Probably, they were all sleeping on duty. Or dancing Iche la nmadu bu ewu at Cubana.

Bad stewardship everywhere.

I can only condemn the ruling class for the spate of armed attack in this nation. Even if they fish out the pepertrators of this heinous act, the solution to similar occurrences remains far-fetched.

Good governance remains the only solution!

Happy Easter Monday!

Jaja Martins

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