Refreshing memories


Refreshing memories

My husband, you know my life is nothing, without you. All the treasures and luxuries in the world would mean nothing without you. Without you, I am a loser. I would rather be dead, than live a life without you, Soundmind, I swear. This is way deeper, and you know it. You have shown me the pure and undiluted pleasure of true love.

Nnaemeka Soundmind Austin, you picked me, out of all the ‘good girls’. You picked me, out of all the ‘wife materials’. You picked me, upon everything they told you about me. All the discouraging words and lies they told you about me, yet, you insisted it would be me or no one else.

I met you and realized that a human being can be the God we see. You are my human God, my supreme being, and I will worship, respect and adore you till my last breath. Sometimes, I look at you and lack words to describe how much you mean to me and how grateful I am to God of creation, for leading me to you, my human God. No matter how much I write about you, people won’t understand how very deep, what we have is. It’s not just physical, it’s spiritual.

What did I ever do in this life, to deserve a flawless being like you? God!

Baba, you think you are successful now, right? Wait, just wait, you haven’t seen anything yet. You will be so successful in life that people will start questioning your success, people will wonder how and what you did, to get to such level. The universe has placed the longest ladder of success for you, and you’ve not even started climbing.

Mother Earth will bless the grounds you walk on. All the earth’s elements will make ways for you, tremendously. All my essence as a woman, I will continuously use to wish you well and they will keep manifesting in your life. The odds will be at your beck and call.

Thank you, Nnaemeka Soundmind.
You are my lifeline. My most trusted human being on earth. I go through anything and everything in life, with over dose of confident that you are always there for me.
Chukwu gozibe gi.


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