I dabbled into one facebook beer parlour


I dabbled into one facebook beer parlour.

They were discussing me

Chetam Obilo was there.

The IPOB rabble were debating whether to flood my page or abandon it.

Someone blamed Obilo for making me popular with his attention

Obilo told them it was best to camp on my page to contest ideas with oroforofo and obfuscation

Others praised Obilo for his strategy

Obilo told them it was necessary to stomp my page even at the risk of heightening traffic flow in it

He said it was necessary to stop me from hoodwinking and brainwashing people with anti IPOB posts which if left uncontested would gain traction.

I have seen some of those who have come to support Obilo on my page. They have come with their drug addled brains and bags of insult.

They have sworn to chase away good people with their fecal incontinence and barbaric tongues.

If anyone insults you on this page, kindly drop me a screen shot inbox.

We will take opposing views but we cant have mad people splashing filth and chasing away sane people.

Ugo Egbujo

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