If only we could face the real threat


If only we could face the real threat

The beehive of cross condemnation and finger-pointing resulting from recent security challenges in the South East has left us thinking who is responsible for our misfortune. Now, you can see that there is mutual suspicion, even in government circles.

Everybody seem to be averse and resistant to this new development. We are lending our voices from formal and informal quarters, because we are concerned. Of course, no body is happy or favourably disposed to this situation. This is evil and we all see it as such.

Whether it is IPOP, ESN, UGM, or government actors, the activities are condemnable. This is a walk on the path of self-destruction, and Igbos cannot afford this. We have this verve to reject the activities and mindless security discomfort in the South East in unisom, while we fail to replicate same in condemning perpetual reign of bad leadership in the zone. Hopefully, we will fight this scourge of vandals, together, to extinction.

As a keen observer of socio-political events in our polity, most of our people do not see bad leadership as the most unfortunate curse and social ill of the East. The South Eastern region is in a mess of neglect and damage. Look at the general condition of living, take a look at our public schools, look at public health system, peep into our markets and you will only have but pity for market traders. Our public institutions are shadows of themselves. Who let the dogs out?

While the general public are grinding their teeth in lack, want and anguish, the very fortunately unfortunate few are heart- hardened in looting our treasury with reckless abandon. In their bank accounts, homes and foreign lands, they have oodles of our money stashed away. Monies stolen away by just few of these opportunists can develop the entire South East to global reckoning. This is wickedness from the pit of hell.

Look at the army of unemployed youths, even with no access to credit. Look at the condition of civil servants, especially in Abia State. Secondary and primary school teachers have their tales of woe. Public health workers threaten fire and brimstone every now and then to embark on industrial strike action for unfavorable conditions of service.

These are the major causes of whatever security challenge we are experiencing in the South East.

The time has come to concertedly beam our search light of condemnation to the cause and not the effect. The time has come for the masses to rise and march to authorities to dismount evil thrones; thrones inhabited by concealed actual terrorists of the East, the prison breakers, the arsonists of public institutions and the vultures of earthly peace.

Until we rise to this consciousness, until we move from our shells of docility, untill we galvanise the mob potency of the populace against the elitist buccaneers, until we stop singing praises of the manufacturers of misery and doom, until the seat of terror is made unfashionable, and until civil disobedience spreads like wild fire to global attention, the senselessly wicked subjugation of the many by the few will continue to stare us on the face.

Abians and Ndi Igbo, let us rise to the occasion!

Jaja Martins

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