An African woman is cool


The African Woman is beautiful, powerful, unique, feminine and authentic.

She is phenomenally resilient, passionate in the pursuit of her dreams and inspirational in her drive to succeed.

She is multidimensional, seamlessly moving between the traditional and modern, the village and the city, the home and the office…she is Limitless.

Her strength is remarkable.

She holds the family together.

She is a business woman, she is in the boardroom, she is a mom, and a wife, innovative and inspirational.

She wears different hats effortlessly.

She is amenable, accommodating while still maintaining her independence and without being overbearing, which takes tremendous strength and confidence.

I take so much pride in being an African Woman.

From the skin down to our body sizes/shapes.

I am a proud African Woman.

I wear it with honour.

Anna Njoroge

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