The Task Ahead Of Us


The Task Ahead Of Us

In the voice of Martin Luther King, Jr., “history will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people”.

Our people are suffering and smiling. The posture some of us assume in the face of biting hardship is that of “all is well”. Deep inside, we know that nothing points to the direction that any thing is well. Afterall, we do not want our neighbour to know that we are suffering.

Our people die in silence. Our people pretend, even in the face of helplessness.The worst is that we close our mouths and eyes to social injustice. We refuse to cry out against the cause of our misery. We do not want to be noticed and probably hunted. Noticed by who and hunted by who?

The worst enemy of public good is individual silence over collective predicament. It does not concern me. I am living my private life. To say the least, you have no private life to live. Everything concerns you. The garmut of social ills and threats, all of them concern you.

Why would you not speak out against bad government? Why would you say I am not interested in the activities of those in government? It is their problem and not your headache. Who sold this slavish thought to you? Who told you you are different from the government.

Whether you voted during elections or not, you are, statutorily and significantly, part of the government. So, any failure there of, is your failure for not taking active part. You could have voted the right person, you could have spoken to leaders into pressure of doing the right thing, you could have ignited the consciousness of many others in your category to mount substantial resistance to misappropriation of public fund.

For lack of participation, we find ourselves in the disappointing condition of being governed and ruled by those we are better than.

If you were in government, would you superintend over non-payment of worker’s salary? If you were elected into public trust, would you have our public institutions (schools, hospitals, utility boards, etc) in decrepit and deprecated status?

You see, some of us are caught in the web of non-performance. You have failed humanity for your nonparticipatory dispositions. You have disappointed in your responsibility of participation as much as the leaders have failed in performance.

As 2023 stares us in the face, the right time has come for us to choose, in concert, the handlers of our affairs. This is the time to flush out of the system, these people who, all their life, have seen politics as a career. Check these career politicians who have been in all administrations from the political time of Adam. It will depress you to know that there is no single people-oriented project to their name. Yet, homongous amount of money is voted to their office every month.

These are people who have no industrial sense, they can only thrive in the loot factory. The time has come to say no to their return in 2023. There are hardworking entrepreneurs, industrialists and diplomatic nation builders who wait for our collective support to shoot them into positions of authority, where they would be amply opportuned to translate their technical know-how to good governance.

We must resist the temptation of accepting, again, the disappointment of the past and present. This time, we must reject carreer politics and embrace the professionalism of technocrats.

Abia State has no life outside ostracising these carreer politicians from the political space. If the present Governor of the state has the interest of the state in mind, he must make the political sphere very unfavourable for those who have lived all their life politicking. He must water the ground for technocrats to take over, come 2023. This is the most enduring legacy he cannot afford to miss.

Let the movement start now.

Jaja Martins

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