A red-eyed dove visits me


About 3 weeks ago, a red eyed dove visited my bathroom window in the morning hours. I returned home from work in the evening and while having my evening shower, I noticed straws and twigs on my window sill. My first reaction as I flung them away was, ‘what nonsense!’.

As soon as I did that I was hit with a sense of remorse…after all, we weren’t the only species in the universe and that bird had as much right to nest on my bathroom window as I had to live in my house. Thankfully, the next morning I saw a pair of doves at my window. They looked like they were wondering what happened to their building materials and they eyed me suspiciously as I observed them. They made the nest with despatch the same day.

Remarkable thing is that while growing up, I think the red eyed dove was a totem bird in my community and my mom cautioned me many times with, “Ö bů I dighi anů hwe Ömai nd’ebe?( Don’t you hear/read the cry of the Omai bird?)”. It was supposed to mean something and I always wondered what she meant. My kid brother once asked her where this Ömai could be found because she was always dulling our action with that reprimand.
It turns out Ömai is the red eyed dove.
So, who am I to refuse Ömai accommodation in my home? (I’m traditional like that). Coincidentally, my community is also named ‘Umuomainta’ (children of the younger Omai). Go figure!
Some ancestor was probably named Omai.

This impelled me to read up on the birds and the striking qualities that endeared them to me were that (1). they were monogamous (they paired for life) and (2). they took turns incubating the eggs (it wasn’t left for the female alone to do).
I thought their presence fortuitous and fortunate, so I welcomed them to share my abode and observed them. We even struck up a queer relationship… I talked to them whenever I had business in the bathroom (weirdo).
I noticed the female was smaller and friendlier. Whenever it was time for me to shower, she politely excused herself! She leaves her eggs and hops out of sight but the male bird, mtcheeew! that one stared laconically and watched me a shower( perv bird), never responded to my friendly overtures and shrieked in fright the few times I ventured too close. An excuse to fly away and not sit on the eggs throughout the night. Lazy perv!

Anyway, I’m delighted to see that they’ve hatched their eggs…I only wish I had been there to witness the moment they hatched.

Brenda Max

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