The news has it that the five South East Governors have agreed to toe the path of South West Governors in setting up a regional security outfit. From what we are told, as South West has Amotekun, the South East is coming up with Ebubeagu.

But how realistic is this?

If you ask Ord. Ezemuo, and if Ord. Ezemuo wants to be blunt to you, he would tell you that this project is already dead on arrival.


  1. Political expediency and individual survival of the governors would deny them the balls to walk their talk.

For instance, is it Hope Uzodinma of Imo State that would have the balls to go against the interest of the Fulani hegemonists that foisted him on Imolites for the protection and propagation of their expansionist interests?

Is it Gov. Umahi of Ebonyi State whose vaulting but illusive ambition of becoming the president of Nigeria has blinded him into ceding Ebonyi State already to the Fulani cattle herders?

  1. The issue of funding has already made the project to suffer stillbirth even before it’s commencement. Effective funding of Ebubeagu would amount to depleting the governors’ security vote, and we all know what this means.
  2. The governors didn’t bale the water when it wasn’t ankle-deep. The chicken is already home to roost and the sour wound is already festering.

In summary, the barking of agu may be terrifying but that mere barking is not the real stuff. The ebube of any agu refers to the deadliness of of the fangs of agu.

Unfortunately, this particular agu in reference may bark but it won’t bare its fangs.

Mark my words.

  • Ord. Ezemuo.

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