He is much smarter than people portray him


Okezie Ikpeazu is often called kerosene governor.

But he is much smarter than people portray him.

I don’t know if it’s his face. I don’t know if it’s his political ancestry.

He sounds more intelligent than most of the governors we have today.

Every time I listen to him, I hear a politician who has insight.

But why hasn’t his brilliance shone through in Abia?

I listened to him on TVC

He said the unknown gunmen and attacks on security infrastructure are the biggest threats to Abia peace and Progress.

He suggested that if he had command of a state police, threats to stability in the state would be better contained.

I liked his vision of Made In Nigeria

The government should protect and promote Made In Nigeria by giving quality Made In Nigerian goods priority.

The executive order on Made in Nigeria must be dusted and aggressively implemented

When he said he brought investors like Kilmanjaro and Mr Biggs to Aba, I smiled.

Perhaps he has to think bigger. Perhaps he has to find charm

But the man seems an easy going, honest man.

I don’t know how much his political godfather has shackled him

But Ikpeazu is not the dullard people often speak of when discussing Abia governance.

I know talk is nothing. He has to show tangible development

But I have listened to many governors and wondered how they got beyond being mere councillors. Not Okezie.

I think he has to find one or two missing factors.

Ugo Egbujo

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