Focus is key

“Don’t be so caught up with the destination that you forget to appreciate the journey especially the goodness of the people you meet on the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling don’t overlook it.”
It is very nice to be focused and have a clear understanding of the direction you are headed in life.
A clear understanding of your direction will surely point you to a destination you may have visualized in your mind.
The wise have advised that you have an imaginary picture of your destination as a way of consistent motivation to push on even when things get a bit rough like they do sometimes.
No matter how clear and focused you are about the destination, do not overlook the joys and experiences you have along the journey. You will meet people. Not all of the people you meet will be bad or treat you badly. There are chances, great chances that you will meet some truly nice people.
Those who will aid your journey. Those providence have placed as signboards to point out to you the direction of your destination. Those who will practically aid you along the way.
Live a life of deep gratitude first to the almighty, then to those who you meet on your way. No matter how pious you will claim to be, the relationships you have with people you meet along life’s journey and how you treat them will surely count. In fact, most things will depend on it.
You will surely meet different folks in the journey of life. You need to be prepared mentally to handle them as they come along. No matter how you feel someone has been to you see that association more from the positive perspective, be appreciative and grateful, and move on.
Truly be grateful to those who are nice and kind to you along your path. While it may be hurtful to live with an entitlement mentality, express in gratitude any kindness you receive from those with whom your paths crossed.
In a world filled with hypocrisy, be genuinely grateful when people are kind to you. It is common to see people fake gratitude or even goodness. In all try as much as possible to maintain good relationships with people you meet. Leave good impressions along your path.
To those who are not so nice to you remember they make you stronger. Those who make life difficult for you make you strong to push on. Do not waste energy fighting them rather spare you energy to pursue your dreams and work on your vision. When people act unkindly to you see such opportunity as a growth opportunity, because no one can stop a thinking and determined mind you should quietly keep keeping on along the path of your direction.
Everyone you meet along your journey serves a purpose which you need to see from a positive light. Sometimes it may be good to experience challenges dealing with others, that way the true nature of humans is understood. If everyone is kind to you or likes you, you will not know the true nature of life.
In all, live a life of deep gratitude for every opportunity you come across. Life itself is a gift, only the living can be hopeful as long as they maintain a positive attitude. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling please do not overlook it.
In life, because not many people have the ability to discern your thoughts and feelings and not too many people have the patience to fully understand you, sometimes verbalize your appreciation and make the one to whom it is meant for know how truly grateful you are. It makes them feel good and encourages them to remain good to others.
Even though too many people fake gratitude to retain a benefactor as long as he serves their needs, be genuine with your appreciation.
While the destination is an important focus on it, but always enjoy the journey, it is the experiences along the path that ushers in a true arrival.

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