The journey of life is not so much about speed, but it is important to be on the right path and direction steadily. Being steady on the road is key. Winners keep going ahead even with uncertainties on the road. The road may be rough with harsh conditions occasioned by many things yet they keep pushing.
It is very important to persevere on the journey with faith and confidence that the journey will be safe. The wise have advised, ‘no one was promised a smooth journey, only safe arrival if you keep the faith.’
That is why the wise parent prepares the child for the road and not necessarily the road for the child. The ill-equipped may give up when the vicissitudes of life show up along their path.
Many worry about the seemingly slow pace of their journey that they even give up. Another worry too much when they begin to wrongly compare their own journey with others. Theirs begin to lose flavour. Everyone’s journey is actually different. One of the most miserable things is to begin to compare the speed or pace of your journey to that of others, such will always leave you very miserable.
Slow and steady wins the race they say. Today’s life is full of glitz, pump, and noise, some of which are not very real. Sometimes if you allow that to determine your journey, you may certainly lose focus on the path. Focus is key.
Once you are confident of your destination, you are certain of the direction, you keep going ahead. Some things may definitely slow you down, there may be speed bumps on the journey of life, they are not meant to discourage or stop you but to give you the opportunity to re-engage the gear to move forward.
No matter what you face, keep looking ahead. It is always better to keep going even if it is slow. Quitting is never the attribute of winners. Those who win do not stop rather, even in difficulty they keep pushing.
The crown is usually offered to winners at the end of the race. While enjoying the journey keep your eyes on the destination. Sometimes you may be the only one seeing the destination you have set or providence has set for you.
Sometimes those who feel they know may come to you to suggest how to hasten your journey, well, they may be right but be sure they are before you engage. Your path may be different and when you take to some other person’s path, you may end up in the wrong destination and your life’s journey will be wasted.
People will always claim to know your path more than you. Sometimes they plead certain factors like age, experience, qualification to justify why they should determine your pace, direction, and speed. A lot of times they may be wrong too. Many parents have fallen into this. They project a path and future for their children and practically drag them along the journey.
Even when you are tempted to help someone on their life’s journey, please take time to know what their destination is. In your frenzy to suggest speed and direction, you may change someone’s course of life wrongly.
When you notice however you are on the wrong path, you will need to quickly change course without losing steam or vigor. It does not matter how slow you travel as long as you are on the right path.
Everyone is not meant to arrive at the same time. People have different timetables for their journey stay at yours and be happy with your pace once its right.
Remember, in the journey of life, speed may not be very important as long as you keep going with the right spirit!

Chinenye Nwaogu

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