My little niece came to spend a couple of weeks with us.

She’s just 17 and currently seeking for admission to study nursing in one of the Nigerian Universities.

On one of the days we were having a conversation about education and building her nursing career, she made a comment, “after all, they said school na scam”

I was shocked.

School Na Scam” is a slang currently parading itself in arguably every tertiary and secondary institution across the country.

The proponents of this slang believes that school is a fraudulent scheme to extort from us and only offer in return what will prove to be of no relevance at the end. And as such, they emphasize that it is better to drop out of school after having your senior school certificate to find a living and begin a new phase of life rather than press further.

Who told you school na scam? I asked her aghast.

“Aunty shebi you’re a graduate?”

I nodded.

“If school isn’t scam, why do you sell fish instead of working in a company.”

I smiled.

“Tell me naaaa. Should you be stressing yourself doing this when you should be in an office?” She asked and I smiled again.

Unfortunately, this is the same notion most people have about education. I want to go to school so I can work in a big company, stay in an office under an ac unit, with my own car and house of residence courtesy of the big company I work with.

They believe going to school guarantee a well-paid white collar job

But that isn’t what going to school and being educated is all about.

There are lots of fishmongers in the market but none takes time to process and package theirs like I do to my ARIRA DELICIOUS OVEN DRY CATISH.

Most of them don’t even know what online marketing is.

They can’t even make coherent posts and write-ups to advertise their businesses on socal media like I do.

And trust me, what I do is a function of going to school, having the ability to read and write.

I know someone who does Kpomo business. She branded and packaged it so sophisticatedly. She’s building a company from a business we tend to look down on.

That’s the function of education.

To start with, school, particularly University education, is meant to lead you to the threshold of fulfilling your potentials.

School is not meant to directly solve your challenges or take away your family afflictions. Rather, it is a custodian of knowledge that exposes you to the right path and to information beyond what you already know.

It will be a waste of time thinking that your certificate literally translates to financial success.

What will make you wealthy is you using the knowledge you acquired in school to solve a problem and make money from the venture. But this is for those who decide to take the bulls by the horns and live life for themselves.

The rest, however, keep waiting for manna to fall from heaven. Eventually, no or little manna falls and their standards of living drop. For this set of people, is school not a scam?

You know the answer to the question above!


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