You get paid for your value, not your time.

“You get paid for your value, not your time.”
The real truth is that what will give you a place on the right table is your value. The world will pay you as much as it thinks you are worth. If you must be on the table bring along with you value, great value. When you equip yourself, you cannot be ignored.
Someone said if they don’t love you and they are not afraid of you then you are worthless. People will normally defer to you because of these two things, either they love you so much or they have great regard for your value to the extent they fear excluding you will not complete the circle.
Invest thoroughly in yourself or build your brand to the level that once you are not on the table it is not truly complete. No matter the reward system of any society at any time, value and merit is still the most sustainable way to have a seat on the table of life.
Any society that rewards otherwise will find itself in jeopardy in the course of things. Life is meant to be value-based. People are meant to bring along value and impact to their environment and society.
You were created to become by constantly improving yourself and investing in your abilities. In doing that you become a valuable member of your environment. The capacity to become a person of value is available to everyone. It takes time though and requires effort. But it is one thing that will sustain you on the growth path and give you a seat on the table and as you constantly improve yourself, it is difficult to replace you.
People may not necessarily offer you a seat at the table because they like you. You may notice that certain positions, skills, and competencies naturally reserve a seat for you whether you are loved or not. Do not go about seeking faces that will admire you and like you.
There is a level in life, what sustains you is the value you bring. Nepotism, favoritism, and all such are attributes of a debased society. Meritocracy and value-based assessment is a more sustainable selection matrix.
Seek always to improve your capacity to bring value anywhere you find yourself. If people have complaints about your abilities, do not whine or get angry, work on the areas you need to improve. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. Nobody is perfect, but people will not tolerate mediocrity forever. Getting angry when you need to improve is a sign of pride and stupidity that will take you nowhere. Learn, unlearn and relearn.
The world is a school and you can continue to learn for life. Do not keep yourself in a particular state of quality forever. Always seek opportunities to improve your competencies, that way your value or you’re worth will be on a constant rise.
Many seek to be irreplaceable, well nobody is, but you can be on the table longer and leave indelible legacies on the sands of time. What guarantees that essentially is the value you bring.
Remember you get paid for value, not time. Everyone has the same 24 hours available to them, some get millions in cash for that, legitimately, others get peanuts all depends on the value and solution you bring to society.
Some rewards do not come in cash, some come in immeasurable denominations but in all the most sustainable rewards system is value-based. In all the values you bring, remember competence, integrity, a knack for quality, these will always offer you a space to operate.
No one can stop a thinking mind or a man of value. Once you have value to offer there will always be a place for you in any environment or system. You cannot quench the light of anyone who has something valuable to offer.
So rather than struggle to get a seat on the table, get busy equipping yourself to be valuable once you arrive your place is certain and it will sustain you there.
The world will keep rewarding you for the value you bring to it. Value is key!
Chinenye Nwaogu

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