You must understand human relations

“You cannot control how people will treat you or what they will say about you. But you can control how you will react to them.”
As you journey in life, one major issue to deal with is human relationships. No one is an island, no one can operate alone and achieve all their dreams. Some goals will need others to play active roles before you can realize them.
A greater part of your success will be how you treat people. It speaks volumes and says a lot about you. In dealing with people along your journey, opinions will be formed, people will talk about you, people will treat you good or bad.
You cannot control how they will treat you or what they will say about you. The only aspect within your area of control is how you will react. Even that is not easy if you are not in control of your mind.
People will say things about you based on some factors. What they assume about you can be used to form their opinion about you. They may have limited or wrong impressions about you, they may have listened to someone who dislikes you, maybe they may not have the capacity to sieve information they gather about you, or may not have the maturity to overlook such. Immature people love to hear negative news about others, and they act on me without questions. They may base their opinion and actions towards you on the strength of that.
Your responsibility may not be to react wrongly to such a person, you may not also need to live all your life explaining out who you are to everyone. Just decide to react better, you can decide to speak clearly with the person to make the person understand the real you. You can just ignore but continue to act as best as you can until such a time the person may decide to come to terms with the real version of you.
The danger in trying to explain yourself out is; some people hardly change their perception about others or insist on holding a particular view of others even when those people change or improve.
You cannot control how people treat you either. People treat others based on their own level of operation, knowledge, understanding, and capacity. Nobody can give what they do not have, so do not expect too much from others.
Learn to treat others well no matter their state in life. Let your reaction to how people treat you especially when they do so badly give them a reason to reflect on their lives. Learn to be in full control of your mind, that way you will be in full control of your actions.
When you have taken full control of your mind, it will be easy for you to take charge of the way you react to things done to you or said about you. Do not respond to everything said about you. Some are meant to distract you. In fact on the path of growth close your ears to negative comments and petty gossip which is usually because of jealousy and envy.
People who genuinely love you and want you to improve will not talk about you negatively in the marketplace, they will find appropriate ways to reach you. When people carry negative rumours about you, rather than get angry, just move on if you are sure it’s false, but if there is any atom of truth in it, improve in those areas and also move on quietly.
Those who say terrible things about you to others do not mean well and you may not need to waste your time and energy engaging them. Life is like a fan, it rotates so do not waste your energy fighting people who treat you badly or say negative things about you, rather work harder on yourself to prove them wrong and make them regret their actions. Success is the best revenge for such people. Where they expect you to fail prove them wrong by working harder to succeed.
It is the same level of energy or even more, you need to work on yourself to improve that you will use to engage those determined to keep you down. Ignore them and continue on your path to growth.
Things usually come around and then you will look back and smile satisfactorily.

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