I like Pantami


I like Pantami.

He is dedicated and straight.

He is not a boko haram sponsor or sympathizer

But some his chickens have come home to roost.

Pantami cannot disown his past like an old shoe.

If he supported the idea of Jihad under any circumstance

and chanted in his heart, “Death to America”

Then he must have his wages.

Because for too long in this country, people played snooker with religion and legitimized extremism

Yet they do not see themselves as the Uncles of the insurgency

It is true Pantami kicked against violence and the violent insurgency,

and quarreled with the idea and methods of boko haram

But Pantami subscribed to the idea that Jihad was acceptable

when the ways and means to achieve it existed.

That Salafist philosophy, unfortunately, is the reason why groups like Al quaeda and Boko haram sprouted and will continue to sprout.

Pantanmi is perhaps not on an American watchlist

But if Pantami ever sympathized with Alquaeda or eulogized Osama Bin laden then he deserved to be on that watchlist

Pantami must come clear.

We must know his current stand on Jihad.

He must reconcile his current stand with his previous stand(s).

Pantami is free to hold even extremist religious views. But those views are not compatible with the occupation of high public office in a liberal democracy

Because if a national officer habours the idea that the ideal is an Islamic rule, which must be instituted once the forces of Islam have a clear advantage , then the nation is in trouble.

We must know if his problem with Yusuf and Boko haram was timing, ripeness.

And what he thinks is the difference between Boko haram and Al queda.

Pantami, we know you are a good, unassuming man

But you have questions to answer.

Ugo Egbujo

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