I saw a Vision


I saw a Vision

Perhaps, many are of the opinion that Paddy Anyatonwu is playful.

It is either you are right or wrong.

But, the fact is that I live differently and under authority. I live under the law.

The entire Cosmos is geometric. It operates under the established standards set forth by the Source of Creation.
Wednesday at Osisioma Ngwa, I was there for two things.

  1. To put Sheshenco on the world map using the Online Business Model.
  2. To promote Cultural Tourism using Ngwa Cultural Dance as a point of contact.

While dancing, and all of a sudden, I had an instant seizure, my body quaked, my mind frozen, my inner vision permeated the arena and it was as if people have rented my body for usage.

I stopped dancing.

I gazed at no place in particular.
The woman before me became a statue.

A cloud enveloped me.

I was transfigured.

My consciousness merged with the environment.

My body enlarged.

Then, I saw some of the Ancestors of the Ngwa Nation.

Some, I have not seen before, but only heard their names.

As if it is a military parade, a frontline traditional ruler, who died a couple of months ago said:

“Paddy Nwam, go you ye and join hands with other sons and daughters of Ngwa Land and cause a total liberation. Don’t forget to tell our son that we are happy with him”.

When I asked, “whom shall I support”?

His voice echoed like a thunder:

“My son, we are sending you and we shall also guide you. Don’t ever forget that you’re an Isiopara Nde Ngwa”.

All these happened in a flash.

When I regained consciousness, went and sat down.

I felt like fainting, but power from nowhere surged unto me and I resumed dancing.

Be it is on record that I was sternly warned never to contest for an election come 2023, but give total support to the Ngwa Nation to recover from many decades of marginalization.

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