My chest tightened


I woke up to the sensation of being covered in the softest, finest cotton sheets… and wrapped in the strong, but unfamiliar arms of the man who’d made love to me most of the night.

My chest tightened in a hard knot at the realization that I had slept with a complete stranger.

What had possessed me!

Taking a deep breath, I felt the overwhelming need to run. This has been a huge mistake. No man sleeps overnight in my house. Scooting a millimeter at a time, I got to the side of the bed and gently slid my foot on the ground.

“Where are you going” he asked, causing me to stop in mid motion.

I glanced over my shoulder and the sight of him covered by a sheet from the waist down made my throat tighten.

In the soft darkness before dawn, he leaned against one forearm, and his broad shoulders and muscular chest emanated strength.

I forced myself to meet his gaze and saw what had attracted me from the beginning… Dark eyes that glowed with confidence and attentiveness.

I had pushed my fingers through his dark thick hair.

His mouth had taken me with a shocking passion.

I couldn’t help remembering all that had transpired between us the night before. ************

I had signaled to my chauffeur to take me straight to one of my favorite spots in town after a hectic day at work. The thought of going back to my empty multi million dollar house was not enticing at all.

“Make sure you’re here to pick me up in the next one hour” I told him as he came down to open the door of my brand new black Mercedes-Benz Maybach 62 for me.

I walked straight to my favourite table amidst the stares and appreciative whistle from men…


Abhorrent creatures.

The world would have been a better place without them. What else do they have to offer apart from 30 minutes to an hour of pleasure.

I watched one of the girls make a beeline for my table.

“What can I get for you Ma’am?”

“whiskey in rocks,” I said “Don’t keep me waiting” I added

She lifted her eyebrows at the expensive beverage, nodded and left without saying a word. I settled down in my seat and waited for her to get my order.

“Hey beautiful, Can I buy you a drink”

I looked up into the dark eyes of a man with a half smile playing over his beautiful mouth.

I couldn’t help thinking that his mouth, his face, should have be carved in marble and exhibited in a museum. I glanced at his broad shoulders and fit body. Perhaps his body too… I thought.

“No. Thanks”, I said as the waitress set my glass of whiskey in front of me.

“Perhaps… My company” he insisted.

Haha.. His company!!! It’s been long I had an orgasm. I could use a Gigolo.

I smiled

“OK cool”, I said trying as much as I can to drown my glass of whiskey very fast.

“follow me” I told him as I brought out some cash from my purse and sprayed it on the table paying for the drink and making sure I leave a huge tip for the waitress.

I had even forgotten that I told my chauffeur to come back in the next one hour.

I hastily flagged down a taxi and dragged him inside not minding the look of utter amazement on his face as I ranted out my residential address to the driver.

“How much do you take for a night? “

“I don’t understand” he sounded surprised

“What is it that you don’t understand? How much do I have to pay to have sex with you?” I asked impatiently.

“Oh! 200k” he replied a knowing smile on his lips.

“Done” I said as the driver dropped us at my house..

“Wow! This is magnificent ” he said as he looked up at my mansion which is obviously a product of rare architectural expertise and creativity. I threw some wadded notes to the cab man.

“Shut up and start doing what I’m paying you for” I snapped at him, a note of urgency in my voice.

“Take it easy baby. I know you’re softer than this” he said and lowered his lips to mine.

An unexpected sigh eased out of me. His mouth was warm, firm yet soft and addictive. I wanted to taste him, taste all of him. I lifted my hands to run my fingers through his thick hair.

He smelled so good.

A half breath later, he carried me up in his arms while I directed him to my bedroom. He threw me gently on my bed, his mouth seeking mine. I felt the chemistry between us.

How taut and combustible it was!

He slid his hands to my shoulders then lowered to my breasts. My nipples stood against my shirt,taut and needy. He rubbed them with his thumbs, drawing them into tight orbs. I felt a corresponding twist in my nether regions. He slanted his mouth against mine, taking me more fully.

I felt his hands move to centre of my white office shirt, slowly disengaging my buttons. A tugging sensation followed and cool air flowed over my bare chest. His lips still holding mine, he dipped his thumbs into the cups of my bra, touching my nipples.

I gasped at the sensation.

“Good? ” he murmured. “Do you want more? I can give it to you.

I felt my myself go liquid beneath his caresses. Each stroke of his thumb made me more restless.

With total urgency, I felt him pry all clothing off my body and his too while I wiggled to the drawer beside my bed to get a condom.

He dragged me to him, lifted his hands to my breast again, short-circuiting my brain.

He lowered his head and took took my nipples in his mouth again. He slid lower still and kissed me intimately. My knees turned to liquid. He captured my hand and lifted it to his mouth while he slid his hands down between my legs where he had found me swollen.

His fingers sent me in a sudden spiral upward. Unable to contain my response, I arched upward.

He growled at my response, paused to fix the condom, then pushed my thighs apart. In one thrust, he filled me to the brim.

I gasped, feeling my body shake and tremble around him. I clung to him as he stroked me in my most secret place. My breath meshed with his and my climax rippled through me like a lightening bolt. A second later, I felt him stiffen, groaning in release…

I smiled.. He’s way too good.

I slept off.. ************

With the memories of last night vividly playing in my head, I pulled the second drawer on the left side of my bed, brought out five bundles of one thousand naira notes and threw them to him.

“This is #250,000.Take it and leave my house. Your services are no longer needed”.

I was nonchalant towards the stunned look on his face which turned to anger.

Who cares!! He’s a man.

And I hate men!!!

“I don’t want to see you here when I come out from the bathroom. Make yourself scarce”


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