A farmer is a god


The king may rule over land and sea
The Lord may live right royally
The Soldier ride in pomp and pride
The Sailor raom over the ocean wide
This or that, whatever befalls
The Farmer must feed them all.

The Writer thinks, the poet sings
Craftsman follows wondrous things
The Doctor heals, the Lawyer pleads
The Miner follows the precious leads
But this or that, whatever befall
The farmer, he must feed them all.

A farmer is a god!

I’m proud that within just a year of Venturing Into Agriculture, I’ve been able to encourage a whole lot for youths to not only do same but to also be proud of it without seeing Farming as a poor man’s job and only survival.

I’ve promoted Agriculture like every other career.

I’ve done so with passion and excitement.

I have helped other farmers change the wrong perception that a farmer is a poor man.

Before, people used to say, “HE’S JUST A FARMER”

But I’ve helped in erasing the “JUST” because a farmer is a god and a god is relevant; not mere.

No matter who you are, where you live, what you do, How you are, you need a Farmer everyday.

A farmer is the real central bank of Any country.

Look down on them at your own peril.

Farming is not only a smart cash cow but it is also therapeutic.

It reshapes you.

While you’re nurturing these plants, it gradually helps you become more patient, more tolerant, more peaceful and caring.

It changes a whole lot about you.

Because while dealing with these plants, you’d learn to handle humans too.

You’d understand that people grow differently, think differently, act and react differently, learn differently, Love differently and even hate differently.

I’m a proud farmer.

Marapeace Austine

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