Nwadigos To The Nigerian Youth


Nwadigos To The Nigerian Youth

You Must Be Actively In The Field So You Don’t Keep Clapping For Political God Fathers And Others Who Manipulate And Buried Your Stars While They Succeed In The Name Of Political God Son –

The President of the International Youth Parliament (IYP) and former Senatorial candidate Hon. Promise Anurika Nwadigos, has pleaded with the Nigerian youth to awaken their resilience spirit to put more efforts in success not minding how little its yield and stop wasting time with bad leaders who only manipulate and divert their stars spiritually leaving them empty while they succeed with their family members.

Nwadigos said there is slightly true love in the Nigerian political space not to talk of some godfathers mentorship style of spiritually switching young peoples stars which makes life more difficult to succeed without them.

“When a young persons star is manipulated, such a person will no longer see anything good in himself and will rather die a beggar than pull through the difficulties of life which sometimes is normal for growth. he said.

Stating further, Nwadigos said the absence mindedness of the Nigerian youth not seeing the reality that affects their future in any environment they settle for livelihood contributed to the current fast fake Miracle centres that has totally changed and destroyed right thinking minds to always believe their problems could be solved by praying and fasting alone without working, but when in real life all you need is hard work and consistency.

“Do not allow your youthful and God given stars to be manipulated and tread on the path of perpetual damage, and when this happens no amount of efforts, prayers can revert the enshrined rot, nor reverse the impending life destruction.”

Nwadigos, however, profers solution to the problems facing the Youth as he said there is no need complaining and wasting time wherever you are not appreciated, when you discover several opportunities meant to elevate your status is available but never giving to you rather to others around your boss, and all you are good for is to run errant of wine, beer and suya meat buying, then you must run for your dear life without looking back.

He said, “The way forward, therefore, is to replace your mindset with positivism and start afresh not minding how small or what any may say. The only way forward is to succeed, and not to complain.”
“It is high time the Nigerian youth say no to Wicked godfathers and bosses that favours the destruction of young stars and only offers cosmetic assistance having known how empty you have become in their hands.”

“Now is the time for honest and genuinely seeking the face of God to always protect our stars and future from the hands of Wicked people.

Youth unemployment over the year and today is no longer a problem of many youths but that of young peoples stars drainages that keeps their bright future impoverished and perpetual bondage.

To avoid degenerating down to future tsunami as young persons, we need to wake up not minding how difficult life may look, there is always a brighter end when you refused to be used and manipulated by others.”

Hon Engr Promise Digos
President General International Youth Parliament,with hdqtrs at Adis Ababa Euthopia.

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