Gone are the days when people think that the only sector to make cool money in Nigeria is oil and gas.

Nowadays, industries that are being overlooked are the ones raking in huge profits.

An aspiring entrepreneur must be able to look wide and deep when investing in a business.

Today in a group, I was opening the eyes of Youths to Agricultural investments.

I was tutoring them on Crop farming and then, I had to drop a few tips on Palm oil business too.

Some of the people you accuse of Rituals are actually making clean money and cashing out big time.

One thing is to have the money and another is to know how to invest wisely.

Do you have business ideas?

And if you don’t, do you associate with people who can help you with any?

One of the bug Reasons Africans never succeed is GREED.

A typical African man doesn’t believe in Team work.

He wants to be the CEO, Managing Director, Customer service representative, Secretary, everything in one because he doesn’t want to lose a penny.

Again, A good number of us shy away from certain businesses because of how people would see us.

Let me take you on PALM OIL BUSINESS for those who have the money and wish to start up a business.

Mind you, Every business has PROFITS AND LOSSES. Bear this in mind while Venturing into any.

The palm oil business is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria because of its diverse usefulness and the huge profit involved.

In Nigeria, palm oil is one of the essential needs for cooking most meals.

The interesting part of this business is that every part of the palm tree (fruits, leaves, trunks, and sap) is used for different things.

A lot of people know palm oil to be used for cooking.

But, Asides from being used for cooking, palm oil can be used for:

  • Prevention of vitamin A deficiency, cancer, brain disease, and aging
  • Production of soap, cosmetic, body cream, exfoliation cream, margarine, etc
  • Release of stomach pain
  • Production of drugs
    Treating malaria, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, dementia, etc
  • Weight loss and for increasing the body’s metabolism
  • Water treatment
  • Production of dog and other domestic animal food and
    *Preservation of food.

As at Last year February, palm oil was sold for 7,000 to 10,000 per gallon.

And from October to January, same palm oil was sold for 25,000- 27,000.

Imagine if you had invested the money you squander everyday storing oil to resell when it’s on a high.

Do you know you can repackage/brand palm oil and export?

Create Job opportunities because if we all wait for the Government, E go hard us.

Marapeace Austine


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