Due to the increase in the prices of cooking gas and kerosene, many people are scampering for alternative energy sources, and his has made the charcoal business have a Bloom and it’s still increasing by the day.

There are caterers using charcoal as a cheapest alternative.

There are market women/ restaurants who roast plantains, fishes, the grilled fishes, etc.

He charcoal business has a consistent business advantage, unlike the supply of petrol as a result of factors like importation delays or industrial actions..

It is a good business an aspiring entrepreneur can adopt to create another stream of income.

The increasing demand of charcoal has made the business very profitable..

And it can be started with as low as #10,000, #20,000

You don’t necessarily need a shop to start.

All you need is a free space in front of your house and you’re good to go.

You can buy from either merchants or go to the bushes and buy directly from those producing the charcoal at a cheaper rate.

For instance, a bag of charcoal is about #2,000

50 bags supplied to these restaurants and market women in a week at the rate of #2,500 would give you a profit of #25,000 a week.

25,000 × 4 weeks leaves you with #100,000 profit.

Our own is to sell you Business ideas..

Agriculture doesn’t only reduce hunger in a society, but it also can be used in facilitating wealth creation and job opportunities.

It is not for just the uneducated.

If the certificate in your hand isn’t fetching you money, drop it and get a cash cow.

Earning money isn’t only good for your day to day activities but it also gives you some sense of security and self-confidence.

There is no Dignity in Begging.

And if you’re not left with any inherited property to carry you through, then you need to be street smart to gain yourself the wealth that you desire for.

Because it means that you depend completely on yourself alone to work it out.

Marapeace Austine

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