Ukwa La Ngwa receives Professor E. Uche Ikonne


Ukwa La Ngwa receives Professor E. Uche Ikonne

We celebrate the successful years of a man of impact and a game-changer.
And we cannot overlook the “Midas touch” Prof Ikonne had on Abia State University as the Vice Chancellor.

His years of service, evidenced academic revolution. (2015-2020).
He waved a wand of intelligence that transformed the school into an academic Paragon.

He brought the school to the world stage and reflected light upon therein and created an attraction making it the first choice to all.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, the sons and daughters of men will troop to Ngwa High School, Aba to receive Prof Ikonne.

Prof, we celebrate you because you left a clean record.

Thank sir.

We love you.


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