The Bible is not just a holy book. It is an encyclopedia and a way of life of the people. This is why it contains history, literary genres (prose, poetry and drama), science, statistics, letters, songs, prayers, teachings, discoveries, prophesies, biographies and autobiographies. As old as the books of the Bible, almost all the histories and events recorded in it still repeat itself every day of our lives. So the Bible is not just for reference but a guide to change our lives for the better learning from the mistakes of the past. Some of the repeated events are as follows:
• The story of creation is still ongoing in mankind through science and discoveries
• We still have Eves who give apples to Adams and blaming Satan or Serpent for any wrong act.
• There are still Cains killing Abels because their brothers are more successful.
• There are many Abrahams who not only wish to sacrifice their only sons to God but those who today really sacrificed their only children because they believe God asked them to do so.
• We have some set of people and nations who, like the old Israel, believe that they are the only lineage and only children of God and are the only civilized while others are primitive and slaves.
• We still have the likes of Egyptians today that God punished for enslaving his own people and inflicted them with pains and punishment. We have countries that are today like the old Egypt seen as a spiritual bondage but happened to be a refuge for God’s chosen people at one point or the other. Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Jesus were at one point or the other refugees in Egypt.
• The Ten Commandments still exist as expanded constitutions, rules and regulations today
• We still have the Sarahs who would get a housemaid for their husbands because they could not conceive.
• We have Hannahs around us who are looking for the fruit of the womb and crying to God everyday.
• Nations, tribes and societies who live like the old Sodom and Gomorrah are found everywhere.
• We still have the likes of anoited Kings and kingmakers such as Samuel all over the world
• We have the King Davids who kill their kinsmen to take over their wives out of lust
• There are still the Goliaths of today conquered by the Davids of these days.
• We have many polygamous King Solomons in the world who, apart from the insatiable lust for women, are still wise in their decisions.
• We have the Prophets who still appear as social critics condemning evil in the society and like the old Prophets were punished and killed for being outspoken.
• We still have the Preachers such as Ecclesiastes who believed that the world is for enjoyment and of course is vain.
• There are still Jonahs who run away from their responsibilities.
• We have seen many revolutionists like Jesus Christ who introduced new and righteous ways of life and because of this were hated by the authorities, falsely accused and killed.
• We still have the Herods around us who kill generations of people to protect their thrones.
• There are still Apostles who are denying their master Jesus everyday out of fear and for selfish reasons. Some are still betraying their Lords because of money and wealth of the world.
• The Apostles Peter and Paul who would neither take any money nor be referred to as God still exists among our people today
• There are also those who go about performing miracles and collecting money from people here and there in the name of Jesus just as the fake disciples did.
One valid point that lays credence to the existence of God is the carefully organized nature of the world and man’s rationality. There is no cause without a reason. There is nothing absolutely new on earth.

Emma Anyagwa

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