Pantami must be panting


Pantami must be panting.

His chickens are rushing back to roost.

A document is circulating

If that document is true,

Then Pantami chaired a meeting in 2010 where the assassination of the governor of Kaduna at the time was discussed. The man’s sin was that he was a christian governor of a muslim dominated state.

If that document is true, then pantami isnt just a religious extremist, he is terrorist.

The president must investigate the allegations against Pantami immediately.

In the minutes of that meeting, the growth of Christianity in the north was discussed and measures to check it enumerated. I couldnt read the minutes till the end. The contents were heart breaking.

Inside it I found a call for jihad in Jos. I had thought jihad was a personal spiritual struggle against sin. But that document painted jihad as something else. Those who met wanted to contain the nuisance of christianity in Jos be formenting trouble.

I would like to believe that document is fake until proven otherwise.

Again I repeat, it is the duty of the president to investigate Pantami and these allegations quickly, and let the people know what is true and what is false

More trouble.

The father of Sunday Achi has spoken

Professor Achi said that Pantami’s fatwa caused the death of his son in ABTU in 2004. He said the tract printed by his son was not blasphemous. And that those who killed his son dragged him into the school’s mosque where Pantami was chief Imam and strangulated him there in 2004. After his death it took the intervention of the govts of Bauchi and Kaduna for his son’s corpse to be released to him.

Apologies might be enough for the Alquaeda issue. But not for Achi and not for a discussion about seeing Yero dead. And definitely not for all the evil plans against christianity contained in the minutes of that 2010 meeting.

Pantami has to address these issues. He has to consider if his continued presence in the government is helping or distracting the government.

Ugo Egbujo

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