We, the guys, are every inch different from ladies. We are not and cannot be the same with them in psychology, attitude of the mind, perception, in everything. The earlier you know this, the safer for you.

A female, irrespective of her level of education, exposure and orientation, is an embodiment of a direct juxtaposition of everything male. She is more emotional, more temperamental, more loving when she wants to love but there is a rather thin between her love and hatred, more venomous in hatred when she hates, more unforgiving, more vengeful.

A woman can be crafty but that is when she’s not in love. Once in love, she loves with her whole being to the point that you can afford to toy with her brains at will. But that is when she is most dangerous. Most edgy. Most sensitive. Most daring. All-knowing. Most suicidal.

Nothing can be more death-assuring than toying with the heart of a lady that truly loves you especially, when she has invested so much time in the relationship to the point that time now runs out on her. Steal a lady’s purse if you are that lazy. Steal her pussy if you so wish – there is no harm here cos it sweet you, it sweet her no one will pay. Sweep her off her feet with whatever sugar-coated lyrics if you must but don’t promise her marriage if you don’t want to marry her.

Lastly, when you have wasted a lady’s time for too long, if you have colonized her to the point of privatizing her private part to the knowledge of other guys who would have been prospective suitors, once you are ready to marry someone else and have as much as broached the news to her or anyone else that might mention it to her, don’t dare come close to her to the point of entrusting your safety and security to her goodwill.

Once the promise and hope of marriage has been broken for whatever reason, no matter how caring and loving she might have been, no matter how bedmatically acrobatic she might have been, and how heavenly her private part might have been never you get close to her again or get intimate with her again. Avoid her like a plague and touch her not even with a long pole.

Even the heavens are yet to experience a more deadly venom than the thirst for vengeance by an estranged female lover.

As for this brother, all die na die, and a man who left through the same route he came may not have gone wrongly but may I never got his way. May you read and assimilate this relationship guide in your next coming to avoid such a shameful premature departure.

Ubani Dannie

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