His Excellency Gov. Hope Uzodinma,
Executive Governor of Imo State,
Government House


His Excellency Gov. Hope Uzodinma,
Executive Governor of Imo State,
Government House

Your Excellency,

I will make this discourse as short and straightforward as possible knowing too well that you may not have all the time for long and intellectually tasking discourse as this may not be the best of times for you.

A friend on this platform, an advocate of truth and Igbo lover, Comrade Phils, aware of your many gaffes in the recent past in handling of everything Imo State especially, IPOB related matters wondered aloud on this platform if you really have advisers.

As a response to Comrade Phils and out of altruistic patriotism, I have assumed the unenviable role of your unsolicited adviser, at least for now.

While condoling with you over the unfortunate but thought-provoking incident in your house yesterday, may I most respectfully tell you that these are unusual times that require unusual approaches. As you may know, Your Excellency it is only a fool who applies the same approaches repeatedly over the same issue with the hope of getting a different result.

Your Excellency, no one, irrespective of whatever sanctimonious pretensions, can love you more than you love yourself. No sane man, no matter how justifiably provoked, joins an outsider to soil his father’s obi. Oh sure! That is the bitter truth. As you know, Umunna bu ike. For this reason, no man, no matter how powerful and rich he might be and how justiciable his cause may be, can ever win a case against his clan.

At the moment, you are playing a host to a visitation panel of lizards. Some say that you brought home an ant-infested faggot and as a consequence must be visited by the lizard but that is not the issue here. The fact is that your homestead is presently invaded by lizards. What is expected of you? The grave of a hunchbacked corpse is dug unusually and with a bent shovel. When an obstinate fly perches on your scrotum what do you do?

I believe you go to church sometimes at least, to fulfill all righteousness. And you do read your Bible – if not as the word of God and moral compass to direct our footsteps as mortals then, as the historical literature of the Jews. My Bible tells me that it is profitable for wisdom to direct.

What is wisdom in this circumstance and at a time like this?

Wisdom in this situation and at a time like this is that you embrace the wisdom in cowardice and eloquence in silence. In your home is a leprous visitor. He could be likened to the whiteman who, though not invited, must be treated with tolerance and courtesy if not you may end up like Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart. Though most of our leaders these days – unlike the days of the Great Zik of Africa, Mokwuye Okugo, Papa Awolowo, Chief Nwafor Orizu – do not read but at least you have heard about Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and the cowardly end of the of it’s tragic hero, Okonkwo.

Your approach to the present challenge leaves me with no doubt that you haven’t read much about the 20 year old Vietnam war of 1954-1975 in which more than two million lives were lost. In the futile war, America that just emerged from the second world war as the greatest military force on the face of the globe was so demystified, humiliated and trounced that she lost about fifty five thousand officers and men yet, she couldn’t win the war.

What is the inherent lesson here? Might is not always right, and certain human challenges and their solutions, by their very peculiarities, defy force and confrontation. The present fly perching on your scrotum is one of those human challenges that can’t and won’t be won by force of arms. Moreover, winning the war doesn’t mean winning the peace. Peace, by it’s slimy nature, is always negotiated and won on a round table of truth and justice. Not in the battlefield.

As you may have been told, a bird with children does not make her abode on the branches of trees only if she does not love her children. For now, I refuse to believe that you don’t care if your citizens are killed in droves. After all, you are on oath to serve and protect them and their interests. It is praiseworthy to be brave but sometimes, it is wisdom to be cowardly for we stay in the compound of the coward to point at the ruin in which a brave man used to live. Before you is one challenge that requires more of wisdom and tact than violent confrontation. You are an incumbent Governor with all the powers of that office but by now, the events of yesterday should have shown you the limits of power and the powerlessness of power when engaging one’s kits and kin.

I am not an IPO apologist but I am a Nigerian Biafran at heart. I may not like the modus oprandi of Nnamdi Kanu but try as I might, my heart cannot but embrace the realities of the truth he churns out about the many provoking and insulting injustices of the Nigerian state against Ndi Igbo. Most respectfully Sir, the average Imolite and Onye Igbo out there have a very poor perception of your public image. I may not know why but you are seen as an imposed Fulani stooge whose only mission is to further and perpetuate the hegemonic interest of the Fulanis in Igbo Land via Imo State against the interest of your own people. I may not agree with this rather popular opinion but suffice it to say that your handling of the present issue in Imo State has not helped in dissuading this line of thought.

Your Excellency, there was IPOB in Imo State for the eight years Rochas was the governor. Things never went this bad and rough. Think homeward. Find a way of extinguishing this smoldering inferno before it becomes an uncontrollable conflagration. Put childish and prebendal politics behind you and assume the roles of a responsible statesman that this moment requires. Your penchant of politicizing the present challenge and blaming it on your political enemies could be likened to a situation where a fool goes about chasing rats while his house burns. Reach out to people who have the clout and reach to turn things around. Stooping to conquer isn’t necessarily out of cowardice but survival strategy.

So far for now.

  • Ord. Ezemuo.

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