Jagajaga has reloaded


Jagajaga has reloaded

Eedris Abdulkareem, your wet dirty linens are waiting for you at the market square. Keyamo has finished spreading them.

All the receipts have been splashed on twitterville.

Here is the story.

When Keyamo was made director in Buharis campaign , Eedris approached his old friend.

Eedris was broke but his priority was to help Buhari.
He said wanted to help Buhari. He said he had a song.

After a bit of wait and many ‘abeg na’ text messages , Keyamo granted him audience. And told him he had no budget with which to buy songs for the campaign. Keyamo said his own involvement was voluntary.

Eedris left.

A little later, Eedris re appeared. He said he had bills and his mother was sick. He said he was desperate. He had spoken to Malami to help him reach Amaechi . So he wanted Keyamo to give him a N3m loan and to help him paint a good PR before Malami and Amaechi.

Unfortunately he had told someone else that he needed money because his child was sick. His stories didnt gel, didn’t fetch him anything.

Eedris defected.

A couple months or so later , Eedris surfaced with a missile. He called Buhari a succesful fraudster. The same buhari he had pledged to work body and soul for if he had received money.

The Buhari campaign ignored Eedris. They dudnt see the need throw sand sand inside a struggling man’s garri.

Atiku lost.

Now, Edris has released a song. Jagajaga reloaded. In the song , he called out Keyamo. He insinuated that Keyamo started chopping and perhaps forgot activism and friends.

So Keyamo has responded. He didn’t hit Eedris’ car

Keyamo said he decided to help push the new song by bringing out Eedris’ 2018 receipts so that jagajaga can be reloaded properly

Yeye dey ooze.

Ugo Egbujo

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