ESN,IPOB, Bokoharam, Bandits, Unknown Gunmen And The FG,s Executioners Axe


ESN,IPOB, Bokoharam, Bandits, Unknown Gunmen And The FG,s Executioners Axe

Nnamdi Kanu is preaching and agitating for sovereignty due to the evidential injustice being visited on the Igbos, Isa Pantami preached and acted hate and violence against non muslims and allegedly supervised the killing of non believers, while Kanu was confined to prison and was nearly killed by the army, Pantami was rewarded with a ministerial appointment and the data of my country handed over to him.

Shekau’s (Bokoharam) boys was given overseas training, cash reward and treated to presidential dinner with brand new uniforms for merely saying “I no do again” but the FG and our gallant soldiers will hunt and mow down youths that formed regional vigilante (ESN) and declared their support for IPOB because of the insecurity created within their region (South east) by AK-47 wielding fulani HERDSMEN who rape their sisters, mother’s, kill any one who dares them, attack and murder any one found insight when they attack villages for killing or chasing away their cattle from their farms.

Sheikh Gumi, has been visiting bandits in their den, in front of television cameras, hold meetings and negotiate for ransom on their behalf even having the effrontery to tell us that bandits that kill,abduct and kidnap are not criminals on live interviews with media houses.

Television and radio stations have been airing and holding interviews with bandit leaders and also report and air visuals of Bokoharam exploits but the government and NBC haven’t found it offensive.

State governors have been seen taking pictures and addressing the media together with known bandits in full military garb, hanging sophisticated and high caliber machine guns while the FG and NBC give out loud clap.

In my country media houses are allowed to air Shekau’s views and threats no wahala, but please don’t talk to IPOB.

In all these I have personal reservation over Kanu’s style of agitation and his manner of communication.

Today Channels TV has been sanctioned for interviewing an IPOB spokesman while the country is boiling, students are being killed in kaduna, Bokoharam just hung a flag in their new territory in Niger State, security agents are being killed in rivers State, villages are being sacked and men, women and children killed in Ebonyi, the Fulani’s and the yorubas are fighting in lagos, Igboho is charging the Yorubas to evict Fulani kidnappers that has taken over the entire south west forest, unknown Gunmen are attacking police stations and prison formations in imo and Abia.

But in all these where is the C-in-C

Writes From Umuahia

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