Too far from behind


Too far from behind

At this age and time, short changed Abia youths continue to show primitive habits of singing praises and posting asphalted roads on social media handles. While other states have moved to cause and put smiles on the faces of their citizens through revolutionary governance, my brothers and sisters are running round the streets, clapping and dancing because one or two roads were brushed and asphalted. I weep for my people.

These people are the actual cause of the problems we have found ourselves in. They clap and praise the leaders into inactivity of believing they have done much and enough. Ebonyi State of yesterday cannot jubibilate over road construction. I cannot remember seeing celebration of road asphalt in Enugu, Imo and Anambra. Rivers, Delta, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Edo and even Bayelsa states are all at another level.

Does this habit show lack of sense or dememented thought processes of our youths? Are they blind to the inroads made in other states? How can you continue to disturb people with these self-depreciating posts of empty praises.

Why not tell us about salary and workers Welfare in Abia State? Can’t you cite the site for Abia Airport? Can’t you talk about achievements in Abia State Educational System? Some of you in Abia markets, what are your experiences? Does Abia State have aesthetic value for your comfort? Anambra and other states turn huge capital inflow from Agriculture. Apart from multiple extortions of traders in Abia markets, what are we doing to boost our IGR? You keep on writing and touting Aba as the commercial nerve centre and industrial SME hub of the nation, can you mention any company or reputable industry in Aba?

Please, stop telling us that Aba-Owerri Road has been asphalted. It ridicules and depreciates your humanity. Engage us on the functionality of our health sector, discuss tourist opportunities in Abia State, tell us that touts are no longer occupying leadership positions in my state, let us hear you talk about influx of investors in Aba, Umuahia, Ohafia and other parts of the state, occasioned by good governance.

Abia youths require mental regeneration and emancipation. We need leaders with steadied capacity to lead this reorientation. It takes disciplined minds to embark on this project. Pray that God will bless Abia with such people as we approach 2023.

Pray and work that these career politicians who prey on the youth will not return to power in 2023. They strive to consolidate and strengthen a system that perpetuates their reign of exploitation and dominance. Pray and work that God will cause Abians to reject all the “professional politicians” who have no other competence than partisanship.

May we be united in our search for leaders with industrial sense, leaders with vested interest in industrial revolution. We need industrial players on Abia seat of power. We need critical stakeholders in Nigeria’s industrial life. We need those who can turn the huge waste dumps littered all over our major cities to source of wealth. Our dear state is not short of these men.

The time to join our contemporaries is now.

Jaja Martins

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