A war could be on our hands. But it could be worse.


A war could be on our hands. But it could be worse.

Yesterday, Osinbajo was unambiguous

Many of those getting excited now believe the actors are going for broke to fetch the best bargains. But sometimes you can start the slide down hill but cant stop it .

Osinbajo told some Igbo leaders a story yesterday.

He used to have a friend in Somalia

The man was a supreme court judge

When Somalia started to convulse nobody spoke up

The elite kept quiet. Everybody was possessed by ethnic and religious emotions

After somalia broke to pieces,

Osinbajo returned to Somalia as part of a UN mission.

While observing food queues he saw his old friend

The supreme court judge, empty bowl in hand , jostling on the queue.

Osinbajo was moved to tears.

As soon as the war began, the courts closed and judges fled. The supreme court judge became a non entity.

Osinbajo fears a civil war.

I fear a coup by the other-ranks, the rank and file.

Soldiers and policemen are being slaughtered. Everybody must worry.

A straight civil war of the 1967 variety is a nightmare.

But it could be nothing compared to a civil war through the Liberian route. A few years of a corporal at the helm before the Armageddon.

Let’s pray for our country

Ugo Egbujo

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