An Era of Blood and Bone


An Era of Blood and Bone

The disaster we now call Nigeria was never the product our foremost nationalists ordered from the shop of nations. Where ever Zik, Awolowo, and Ahmadu Bello are at the moment, they must be hurting in disappointment of what is left of their darling project.

One Nigeria of Zik is at present one camp of death. The project has nosedived to an all time low. A flood of carnage is flowing from the north to the South and from the west to the east. This marriage of barrenness has brought anguish and sorrow upon the people.

The APC-led government of President Buhari has been a disastrous ailment on the people. What we have witnessed in the recent past is a shear lack of will and capacity to lead. The President is deaf and dumb and appears unconsciously existing in the face of harrowing experiences of insecurity, social malaise, chants and banters of looming war, again. President Buhari has given reasons, now and again, to conclude that he was a mistake of a man.

The members of the kitchen cabinet, Ministers on focus, are many disgrace of the ugly era. From their believed positions of helplessness, one expects them to begin, one after the other, to tender letters of resignation from the shambolic regime. If these Ministers have any thing patriotic left in them, the only honourable path for them is to align with the masses, using their resignation to show disapproval of failure.

The National Assembly is an assemblage of toothless bull dogs. Their disposition in the face of impending national implosion is a pointer to the fact that they are a subterfuge and merely exist as a conduit pipe for national waste. If they exist for any thing meaningful the impeachment button would have been activated long ago to show the President the exit door.

The members of the National Assembly are failures in themselves. They have turned the hallowed Chambers to drama theaters where they perform and dramtise their lexical gymnastics. They cannot continue to bore us with romantic speeches without accompanying them with action. In case they need a reminder, let them know that the actions and inactions of the executive are responses to the prodding of a functional and purposeful legislature. If they continue to speak only grammar while the President sleeps on duty, the people will hold them responsible for allowing the nation to drift into anarchy.

Impeachment is a democratic instrument used to remove leaders when found culpable of breach of contract. The legislators are aware of this, even much more than we know. The President contracted to protect the life and properties of Nigerians, regardless of tribe, religion or political leaning. He took sundry oaths for good governance. All of these he has breached and violated. What is the National Assembly waiting for?

Just recently, Senator Smart Adeyemi of Kogi West and a few others were lamenting over the failure of the President on security matters and the general state of the nation. Smart was very passionate and dramatic about all these. Now, let me ask. Doesn’t Senator Adeyemi know how to move an impeachment motion? Is he or was he timid to move a motion to summon the President to the Senate? Or were they expecting me to move the motion from Umuotiri in Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area?

The thirty six state Governors have also shown traits of cowardice over daily reports of killings across states. In their respective safe havens, they have refused to see the need for extra ordinary national security meeting. What we have before us has gone beyond regional handling. The nation is in rumbles and the Governors should be courageous enough to approach the President to seek answers to certain questions. Did the Nigeria’s Governors’ Forum die with the end of Saraki’s tenure? With the recent attack of the country home of the Imo State Governor, our leaders should realise that no body is, indeed, spared in the holocaust.

If our leaders who have the capacity to act, fail to do the needful, we will all live or die to regret it, sooner than later.

Jaja Marrins

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