Dear Nigerians


Dear friends,

We can save this country by rebuilding it to be a country of all Nigerians, for all Nigerians and by all Nigerians. As part of my contribution, I am moved to write to the President and Commander in Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces, President Buhari.

This letter promises to be explosive, incisive, detailed and all-encompassing yet very courteous and respectful.

I implore you to help me comment on the post and share the same post if not for anything else then, as an exercise in futherance of your patriotism.

Silence and political correctness are it takes for evil to triumph. Social media is that magic wand at our disposal as ordinary powerless Nigerians to change our dear country and redeem it for our collective good.

You may not know the impact and power of the many things we write and contribute to on this platform. For common tormentors who masquerad as our leaders, by whatever means and for whatever means, get to know and read most of the things we write here. For instance, I wrote an open letter to a certain governor some six days on his mishandling of IPOB issues in his state. Two days ago reported me to another colleague governor colleague of his for what he termed my “audacious temerity and inciting posts”.

The Arab world was changed simply with the power of social media. Without being violent, we can renegotiate our future for the better using this same social media.

Once again, if you aren’t comfortable with this bloodletting going on in this country, kindly help me wake up President Buhari from his slumber by sharing and reposting the said letter to Mr. President.

Thank you.

Ubani Dannie

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