Father Mbaka should be a lesson for pastors


Father Mbaka should be a lesson for pastors.

Look before you leap.

Deities shouldn’t go scavenging. Iknow times are hard and some Bishops cater for millions . But Bishops should have some sense of shame.

When a big masquerade goes to the king’s palace for crumbs there he will meet jesters like shehu Garba who will beat drums for the masquerade and the tell of his gluttony later.

Father Mbaka doesnt take stingy prisoners

On the rostrum in 2018, he from urging Peter Obi to donate to his ministry to cancelling Obi’s aspiration, the Atiku ticket. The journey lasted 5 minutes. He cancelled it for the sin of stinginess.

Deities are like that.

They need the eggs and chicken with a broken neck served in a tattered basket. Or they could imprison your ambitions and call on other spirits to impeach you from the world.

But Mbaka made a sound call.

He isn’t he only frustrated Buhari supporter. Many are frustrated because Buhari didnt recompense their support for him during the elections. They watched PDP people crossover to collect kulikuli. These and many others are even more frustrated now because Buhari has failed to tackle the insecurity ravaging the land like a General.

Perhaps Father Mbaka should have hired Atiku to deliver the message to Buhari.

Had he done that , Garba Shehu would not have remembered that Mbaka tried to secure contracts for his friends. After all that was part of Atiku’s manifesto. Garba Shehu, who worked with Atiku, is now allergic to people trying to secure contracts for their friends?

Or is he honestly shocked that a few Buhari supporters feel embarrassed by the president’s handling of the nation’s security?

Garba Shehu has never attacked Atiku. Yet nobody attacks the president Buhari more than Atiku. Are we to believe Atiku never tried to get anything from Buhari before going for the cleansing at River Ota?

Father Mbaka, while we cannot tell Garba Shehu whom to bark at, whom to bite and whom to wag the tail for, we must beware of dragging the name of christ into the mud.

Ugo Egbujo

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