Iniobong Umoren’s Murderer (s) Should Not Live.


Iniobong Umoren’s Murderer (s) Should Not Live.

Nigeria should begin to consider public execution for murder and other heinous crimes like the one committed by Uduak Frank Akpan against Iniobong Umoren as a deterrent to would-be murderers.

This is necessary because most Nigerians rightly or wrongly believe that most murderers and other criminals in Nigeria escape the hammer of the law once they have contacts and resources at their disposal, hence other would-be criminal elements are hardly deterred from committing crimes.

All over the world, crimes against women, children and the elderly are given serious and special attention because of their vulnerability, unfortunately, Nigeria doesn’t seem to attach such special importance to crimes committed against these categories of citizens.

The death of this innocent lady was a heart wrenching act of cruelty that deserves equal response from the authorities.

Our security agents must do a thorough job that would go beyond the chief suspect who may after all be a front man for the real cartel responsible for the murder. Nothing should be left to chance.

Being courageous, creative, visionary daring and audacious should not be rewarded with such act of viciousness and barbarism, else our young ladies might be held back from daring to discover even when the desire is there. Let them suffer only sex related blackmail, and not society induced violence.

May the Innocent Soul of Iniobong Umoren rest in God’s bosom, and may the Sadistic Soul of Uduak and his accomplices remain hunted until the day of execution.

Ferdinand Ekeoma

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