You know what? I don’t believe in the ministry of Father Mbaka. If you ask me, and if I am to be be brutally frank to you, I would tell you that he is more of businessman than a minister of the sacred gospel of our Lord, Jesus.

Since after his encounter with with Mr. Peter Obi during the buildup to the last presidential election where he nearly robbed the later with his microphone and ecclesiastical persuasion my respect for him as a man of God nosedived.

This said, the present fight between the presidency and Fr. Mbaka as initiated by Garba Shehu is most unnecessary. Very uncalled for. It diminishes the presidency even as it glorifies Fr. Mbaka. I have always had my belle full of wars but in all my wars I go for big games. Not cockroaches and such other inconsequential rodents. In short, Garba Shehu, true to his name, is garbaging the presidency.

So many things happen in the corridors of power. Any political or media aid who is worth his onion must apply himself to the biblical admonition that encourages one to be quick in seeing and observing but very reticent in talking. As my Igbo people would say, “a she-goat can deliver in any position, even while tied to a post, in as much as a gossip does not witness it”.

For instance, in my Abia State, many times, I have seen many leading critics of Gov. Ikpeazu creeping and sneaking in at the dead of the night to see Gov. Ikpeazu for one favor or the other. They go to him cringing and kowtowing nocturnally only to criticize him the next day. If poor me could see this much from this gulf of a distance imagine the tsunami of confusion close aids like John Okiyi Kalu, Ememanka, Enyinnaya Appolos would cause should they decide to make public a fraction of what they know. But they dare not because morally and ethically, no midwife says all she sees while delivering a pregnant women off her baby. The golden rule in a king’s court, just like what obtains in the mafian world, is : see no evil; say no evil.

Fr. Mbaka is an investor in the presidency of Buhari. He staked his ecclesiastical calling, his pulpit, his public image and even his business supporting Buhari. He understands the principle of sowing and reaping. From every moral and business perspective he is entitled, as of right, to demand for his return on investment.

Come to think of it, who doesn’t? From the garbage Garbage Shehu is spewing in the public, Fr. Mbaka neither went to Aso Rock with a gun to rob Buhari nor to make romantic overtures at Mrs. Buhari. His only sacrilege for which he must be stripped naked and paraded as a common criminal is that he came to Aso Rock with contractors asking to be compensated for his support.

If Royal Dutch Shell could come all the way from Britain to ask for business here, if Agip could cross seven rivers and seven deserts all the way from Italy to ask for business in the mangrove forests of Niger Delta, if Chevron could come all the way from America to do business in the swamp of Niger Delta, if TotalFinaElf could come from America to do business here then what makes Fr. Mbaka, a Nigerian citizen, unqualified to ask to be given a contract?

Shehu Garba was once Atiku Abubakar’s media spokesman. He did not only speak for Atiku but he was a very close aid of his for donkey years. Since he switched camps, he has severally criticized both Atiku and Atiku’s party. His acerbic criticisms of both Atiku and PDP notwithstanding, PDP and Atiku’s media aids have not called him out or taken him up on the basis of what he enjoyed while working with Atiku. That is standard rule of engagement.

Garbage Shehu’s attack on the person of messenger instead of the message is tantamount to throwing mud at your opponent in a wrestling combat without coming to grips with him. That Mbaka came asking for contracts does not vitiate from his message which is that life has never been this cheap in peacetime Nigeria. Somebody should please, get Shehu properly schooled in emotional intelligence.

But for now, he should stop garbaging the presidency..

Ubani Dannie

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