Abia Solution Come 2023


Abia Solution Come 2023

You cannot over emphasise the power of entrepreneurship. The Midas touch of a principled technocrat is the magic wand we need in Abia State to come through. Our prayer is that Abia may be blessed with an entrepreneur or a seasoned technocrat on the saddle of Abia seat of power.

Either of these two will see and promote true essence of governance. A seasoned technocrat will instill discipline and selfless practices in Abia public life and dwarf financial malfeasance in government. He will entrench the culture of responsible engagements in delivering public goods. He is interested in the preservation of his earned reputation and seizes the opportunity to carve a nitch for himself and his people across boundaries and nations.

Same is said of an industrialist in power. His reign opens up the society for aggressive diversification of the economy. When a man of enterprise is in power, there is always a seamless progression of the economy. This is what we have lacked in Abia State. We do not lack the existence of such people per se, it all boils down to not giving them a chance and trial. This is one mistake we cannot repeat in 2023.

The synergy between technocrats and core industrialists makes the best of leadership. This collaboration is yet to exist here with us. This is the secret of Lagos State industrial revolution. There exists more entrepreneurial technocrats than career politicians. They combine well to build a sustainable economy. Lagos State will continue to maintain their industrial lead because their stakeholders and the masses, alike, understood early enough the place of technocrats and men of industry vis-a-vis the use of state power.

Just within a shot space of time, Engineer Dave Umahi has transformed Ebonyi State and changed the narrative of the state. In the South Eastern Nigeria of today, everybody uses the state as a reference point. A reference in the right direction, the state is no longer classed among the minors. It is now a huge investment destination. This is what you get when technocrats are on the saddle.

Technocrats attract industrialists and entrepreneurs in government find full expression in leadership by their romance with the intelligentsia and team of diplomats. The two are inseparable in the pursuit of excellence, their collaboration is result-oriented. Good governance is a function of marriage of these two.

Can we allow a seamless drift from government of career politicians to leadership of either technocrats or entrepreneurs? To achieve this in Abia State, Governor Okezie Ikpazu, among other things, must work with the people to avoid the antics and rhetorics of sugar-coated career politicians in the race for Abia seat come 2023. We must all show terminal resistance to politics without reason. We cannot again wish away our best assets on the altar of compensatory gratification.

Many Abia breeds with capacity to turn things around abound. As the search and permutations for 2023 gathers steam, it is germane to consider that a repeat of our past mistakes will leave us with another eight(8) years of subjugation.

Take it to all quarters of political relevance and proclaim to the people that the reign of prebendal politics is over. Politics is not synonymous to leadership. We do not want career politicians any longer. Abia deserves purposeful leadership. Let every concerned Abian reject, with infectious hatred, anything capable of paving way for emergence of a career political actor as Governor, Senator and other very sensitive positions in our dear state.

May God bless our journey to 2023.

Jaja Jaja Martins

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