Ikonso: matters arising


While Yusuf was alive Boko Haram was under control. The Nigerian state arrested Yusuf alive but illegally killed him cold-bloodedly in custody. With the killing Boko Haram went berserk and bloodthirsty.

It is said and I believe it to be true that those who don’t learn from history end up repeating history.

Gov. Hope Uzodinma is either daft or oblivious of history. Killing Ikonso was a serious strategic blunder for which much blood would be split in Imo State. For the umpteenth time, there was IPOB in Imo while Rochas held away as the Governor for eight long years yet, IPOB never disturbed for one day.

Today, IPOB that was a sleeping baby under Rochas has developed carnivorous teeth and murderous bravity that has seemingly defiled the State apparatus of life elimination.

Violent confrontation may appear masculine but highly undesirable under the present circumstance. If I were in Hope’s shoes I would have conquered by stooping low but wetin I sabi sef?

Ubani Dannie

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