2023: The Essence of continuity


2023: The Essence of continuity

A river flowing without resistance would exhibit clarity; due to a continuous flow.
Continuation is consistency and consistency is the proof of mastery. There’s beauty instability.
The transition in politics is like a relay race, the baton must be passed on to achieve a common goal, the athletes must have a synonymous approach to achieve excellence.
Political transition, should never translate the government into another language, we start getting used to it all over again, it should be a familiar tongue we have spoken before, but with more modified terms.
In the school of thought, each government, ought to operate on a similar syllable as the preceding government, in the general context of political intelligence…. If the advantage of the preceding government is not tapped, the latter would be disadvantaged.
Politics is a superstructure, imposed on the economical base of the society according to Carl Marx’s ideology of historical materialism.
The present Abia Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu Ph.D., understands this and has worked in line with this.
He has comprehended the political intelligence of the state to a reasonable extent, and has channeled every available resource to empower the state at large …

His intellect has become the fuse that has repaired the damaged circuit of the state .
Like a man on a mission, he sets out, igniting the consciousness of the soul of Abia State, moves tirelessly, and sets Aba off the hook enshrining them with the best industrialization standards.
If the previous condition of the state were to be portrayed as to what was choking to death, then it would be fair to say that Ikpeazu came into the picture offering air , to revive the state.
Though the cold winds blew, the violent storms stormed, the man on a mission didn’t relent, he still moved, with compassion and diligence as a core value, hoping to achieve a positive vision that has been in the picture of his mind.

As he moves, he instills his footprint in the sands of Abia, and his name engraved on the very heart of Abia.
The light hadn’t been so bright at the beginning, but he kept the turbines spinning, generating more power and imputing more voltage, thus lighting up the state in the world map, making the invisible, visible…

Our federal republic is fortunately democratic, giving different people with different idiosyncrasies, opportunities to rule …this four years and a maximum of 2 terms.
We cannot keep cutting and transiting into a whole new system all over again … We ought to continue in a legacy, to build a chain, the consistency of the chain would prove that we have fully aced our political intelligence, and achieved excellence.
The brightness of our rising would be a centre of attraction.
From the Christian Bible, predecessors had successors who, carried on the work, for a legacy not to die, and there was a great demand for mentorship.
Irrespective of our differences we must cast aside sentiments, and embrace what is right for the sake of our state ….
Different clans, faces and all, were are all deeply rooted in one soil, with the mentality “All for the good of the state” …

Let every successor continue in the Ikpeazu legacy.

Judith Joseph

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