I miss your smell


The ache of longing to be with you echoed through the very marrow of my bones.
It was a chill wind trapped in the chambers of my heart.

You never realize how much a person means to you until they’re not with you for a particular period of time no matter how small.

I miss your smell.

Your presence

The way one of your arms cushions under the back of my neck.
Enfolding me in your warmth,
And the glint in your eyes when you smile

There’s something about you
that makes me feel young inside,
You wake the pure side of me,
the best side,
all the facets of myself that only require love to be healthy and whole.

An eternity to be with you
would be serenity, contentment.
Our energies vibrate in such a unique way, Each the perfect compliment of the other.

I’m not simply “in love,” I’m well and truly smitten.
Any other could only be a poor reflection,
no more substantial than a shadow of the real thing.

You are what makes my heart strong.
Your smile alone burnishes my soul
into a beauty it could never have achieved on its own.

Before we met I was one, now I am a half, yet somehow so much more than I ever was before.

And yet as I glance at you lying down beside me, oblivious of how much I want to hold you in a hug,
I cannot help but wonder
If the love I feel for you
Is being reciprocated evenly.


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